#52weekproject: Week 27 – A Boat at Sunset

A Boat at Sunset


Week 27: A Boat at Sunset

Taken Monday, October 27th, 2014. I took my sweet time posting this photo, although, I’m just behind on blogging in general.

On this excursion, I went out trying to scout for a picture I was planning to take the following week. The photo I was planning on taking was a shot of the full moon rising on the horizon, with the lighthouse in the foreground using a 300mm lens with a 2x teleconverter. Using The Photographer’s Ephemeris, it would have been perfect with the moon rising around 4:46pm on Thursday, November 6th, and the sun setting around 4:38pm, which would probably have given enough ambient light to illuminate the lighthouse and not have everything else be pitch black. Unfortunately (and anti-climactically) though, on November 6th, it was majorly hazy and there were huge waves on Lake Michigan, that actually tore up the Lakefront path pretty bad, so I didn’t end up going to take the photo (and I got stuck at work a little later than planned anyway).

I think I’m going to try again on the next full moon, December 6th. We’ll see what the weather is like then. But I digress.

Anyway,about this photo. Nothing spectacular about this photo, but I just really like the light. Just the hint of orange sunlight touching the boat,  the slightly choppy dark blue waves, and the vibrant red sail. Compositionally though, there’s no real balance to it. The boats directly behind it are a little distracting as it jumbles up with the mast. Ideally, if those boats were a little further to the right, it would definitely have balanced the photo out better. If I were a more dishonest man, I would have just photoshopped this photo and placed some photos to the right. I mean… It’s never too late, I might revisit this photo someday and do just that.

So what do you think?

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