#52weekproject: Week 25 – Anthony and Celine get Married


Tuan and Che

Week 25:  Anthony and Celine get Married (and Subsequently Photobombed in Yosemite)

Taken on Saturday, October 4th, 2014, in Yosemite National Park near the Swinging Bridge.

In the latter part of my vacation week this fall, I just happened to meet up with my cousin Anthony (aka Tuan), and his awesome and beautiful (very soon to be) wife, Celine (aka Che) for a “casual” get together with a bunch of family and friends. Not sure what the occasion was, but they seemed to be dressed up and celebrating something (okay, so it was their wedding). They had asked me if I would do them the great honor of taking photos for them, which I gladly obliged.

I’m not a wedding photography, although, but by this time, I have shot a handful of weddings (maybe this is my 7th?). My wedding photography has really been for close friends and family on destination weddings. So it combined my 2 favorite things… people I love, and the people they love. And travel. And photography. So, 4 favorite things.

Anyway, back to the photo… After the ceremony at Sentinel Beach, we had an awesome reception at the lodge, and we ended up taking some group photos with all the friends and family over by the Swinging Bridge area. As I fiddled with some settings to take this picture, their niece decided to pop in the frame and see what was going on.

Here are a few more from the day…

The Ceremony at Sentinel Beach:

Tuan and Che 0050

The Wedding Party…





Tuan and Che 0052

They did “Telegrams”, where they shared fun anecdotes about each of their friends and family members in attendence, which was such an awesome, unique and personal touch…




Tuan and Che 0062

Obviously, this is the best one… From our younger days… Can you guess which one I was?


Tuan and Che 0084

The Scene at Sentinel Beach



An Uninvited guest...

An Uninvited guest…


Tuan and Che 0147

The Beautiful Couple…



Post-Reception Photos at the Swinging Bridge (which doesn’t actually swing…)

Everybody! (Minus me)



Clearly, we are in the valley…


Off into the sunset!

Off into the sunset!


Thanks Tuan and Che, for such an awesome weekend, and for growing up and being responsible people who do good things. Hard to believe it was only 27 years ago when we had to defend ourselves from 4th graders who were clearly jealous of our sexy bowl-cuts. Looking forward to seeing you guys grow old together, and sharing many more years of laughs!

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