#52weekproject: Week 18 – Run River North at Schubas Tavern

52WP-18 Run River North


Photo taken Monday, July 21st. (wow, that was a long time ago.) Went out with my friends Rohit and Katie to a concert at one of my favorite concert venues in Chicago, Schubas Tavern. They host a lot of up-and-coming and lesser known bands in an intimate and friendly space, which appeals to my hipster sensibilities. And since the show was sold out, I knew we were gonna be in for quite a show.

Run River North, they are basically my favorite Korean-American Indie Folk Rock band out right now :P. I originally found out about them from an interview on NPR, and they even have a music video featuring Diedrich Bader (whom you may know from the Drew Carey show). So, how can you not like them?! Check em out!

#52weekproject: Week 17 – Farmstand



Taken Saturday, July 19th, 2014. Somewhere near Huntley, IL.

Went to Starved Rock for a Saturday morning hike with my suburban relatives, and on the way back, found this farmstand on the side of the road. The soft evening light was beautiful, and the scene just reminded me of small town americana… Something you forget exists when you live in a big city.

I admit, the picture doesn’t quite do it justice, since I don’t think I found an interesting enough perspective/composition, but with the fixed focal length on my x100, I went for a straight on approach to match the old timey feel.

#52weekproject: Week 16 – Singers in the Subway

Singers in the Subway

Lake and Washington Subway

Taken on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014. I’ve wanted to take this photo for a long time now. Caught these guys performing in the State & Lake Red Line Subway station after leaving work. And have seen them performing together during rush hour for at least the 2.5 years I’ve been in Chicago. There are usually 3 of them that perform together, and after some searching it seems they go by The Real Connection. They perform old school motown/soul songs, and just have this real smooth soulful sound that is just really soothing.

I had an idea that I wanted to take a picture of them with the train running in the background, but it’s usually so hard with so many people around. I ended up leaving work late this particular day, so the rush hour crowd had subsided by then, but they were still going strong. I’m gonna print this out and give it to them next time I see them. Maybe I can try to get a pic with all three of them together.


Here’s a video of them I found on the youtubes with my superior world wide web crawling skills: