#52weekproject: Week 3 – The L From Above

52weekproject week 3

Week 3 of my 52 week photo project…

Takes me to the rooftop of the Kinzey Wells parking garage, which overlooks the Merchandise Mart stop. (Photos were taken Tuesday, Feb 18th, 2014.)

I took the hike over after work, and set up my tripod and camera precariously on a ledge of the roof to get this shot. The roof was un-shoveled from the heavy snowfall the night before, and luckily there were no cars or people around to have to explain myself to. It was a little windy, and standing in foot high snow didn’t make it feel any steadier, but I think the shot turned out pretty good. I have a couple ideas for how to make this shot better, so I’ll be back here to take a few different angles under different conditions (possibly after a storm or during a summer sunset)

I originally preferred the image in black and white, but I think the color version has some merits as well. What do you think?

52weekproject week 3 vColor

#52WeekProject: 2/52

Week 2 of my 52 week project:
So my friends, Samer and Sameer, had asked me to come over and take some photos of an end table they have for their startup, Unbranded Designs, but while I was shooting, Virgil decided to join in on the fun. I shot this using a couple of off camera flashes, with a shoot through umbrella on the left, and a reflective umbrella on the right. I used a black muslin as a backdrop, but ended up doing a little photoshopping to bring the contrast out in the photo.

Virgil, 2014

Virgil, Photo taken Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Here’s the picture of the actual end table though as a bonus:
JLE_1171 l

#52weekproject: Week 1 – Madison & Wabash

In an effort to go out and take (better) photos, I’ve decided to engage in a 52 week project. Each week, I will put some effort toward taking a quality photo, and will attempt to post one photo every week. It might seem like I started a month late, but really, I procrastinated until the Vietnamese New Year to get started.

No set subjects or themes, just whatever I happen to put some thought towards each week. So, if you have suggestions/topics/locations/ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Chicago, 2014

Chicago, 2014

Madison/Wabash station in downtown Chicago on the way home from work, Thursday, Feb 6th, 2014.

Photo actually turned out better than expected, so, I may have set the bar a little high the first week.