Who are you? Who Took These?

Oh.  Hey. I’m JLe. And I took these.

About this site… Loosely called “photography”… I hold the camera, fiddle with some dials, and push some buttons, and an image pops up. What is this witchcraft?

About me… I’m just a guy who’s living life, and loving life.  I love it so much I want to capture it, and put it in a jar with a twig and some leaves, and poke some holes in the top of the lid so the memory of that moment can live on forever.  But alas, I don’t have the hand quickness of a professional butterfly catcher, so I settle for capturing it on camera.  I’m no professional.  I’m learning every time I go out.  Once in a while, I’m happy with a photo.  Usually, I know there’s something I would do different for the next time.   My goal with this blog is to document my progress with my so-called photography in the hopes that I’ll be able to reflect, learn, and grow.  Life is a journey, and hopefully, I’ll be able to capture that on film (actual film or its digital counterpart) with the quickness of a shutterbug… or a snapping turtle?  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll enjoy what you see of my life (like a stalker looking into a bedroom window, but less creepy).

Anything else you need to know about me?  Just ask! (And no, you can’t look in my bedroom window.)

9 thoughts on “Who are you? Who Took These?

  1. I ran across your photos while typing in “Weddings in Rocky Mountain National Park photography”. I know you stated that you aren’t a photographer but you have done a few weddings….My fiance and I will be eloping to Colorado in July and I’m wondering if you would be interested in taking pictures for us? We have just purchased our first digital SLR camera and LOVE taking pictures but it’s kind of difficult if we need to be in them together 🙂 I’ve been studying other photographers wedding photos, the poses and angles. You do a good job! 🙂 Let me know… Janine

    • Hi Janine! I’m glad you came across my blog, and liked my photos! That really means a lot. Also, I am really flattered you would ask me to do your wedding photos, however, at this time, I will regretfully have to decline. I currently live in the midwest, so Colorado isn’t exactly my backyard. And as much as I have been lucky enough to take some great pictures, I think that a professional may serve you better (from having the appropriate gear, having the experience handling stressful wedding situations, to understanding all the intricate shots that people want). I really would like to wish you the best of luck though, and I hope you have a wonderful wedding. RMNP is an absolutely beautiful place to have a wedding, and hopefully, with whichever photographer you end up with, they will be able to do it justice!

      Thank you for stopping by, and if I can ever offer you any advice on using your DSLR, just let me know!

      Sincerely, Justin

  2. Nice shots and stories! You definitely get around the country. Found you randomly somehow on wordpress.

    Question – what is the theme you use? I get really frustrated with the narrow style of the themes, and I’m envious of the wider space you have to work with.

    • I’m using the Modularity Lite theme. I had the same frustrations you had prior to finding this theme! Especially since photos are centric to my blog… Anyway, you can find a link right to it, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog! Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

  3. JLeezy this is awesome…and by awesome I mean the fact that its a great way to creepily stalk you…but, also the photos are amazing

  4. Brilliant introduction.. haha witchcraft.. Maybe it is.. I think I heard of a story where people did not want their photo to be taken, because they believed their souls might get trapped in the photo.. So maybe it is…. Did you every get photographed? Are sure it isn’t witchcraft? 😉

    Great to see you consciously enjoy life. You should give workshops mindfulness (lol, just kidding, but I enjoy the humor used in the introduction).

    It is great to see another photographer who is happy with a photo sometimes, but most of the times looks for improvements. I am sure you will grow even further!

    Keep up the great work, and have a great weekend!

  5. Hey Justin, my name is Stephen and i’m from the band Shadow of the Titan. You took some photos of us at the Elbo Room. Your shots were stellar and I really appreciate you giving them to Colin to share with us. Keep in contact: info@shadowofthetitan.com. Your style is awesome and just looking at your site I can tell your talent is sincere and not just that of a hobbyist. Keep up the inspiring work and good luck out there.

    • Hey man! Thanks for checking out my site! I’m sure I’ll be hitting up another one of your shows. One of these days, I gotta catch up on posting some of the photos I took of you guys!

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