#52weekproject: Week 10 – The Shully Family

A Delightful Reunion…


Taken April 28th at The Shully residence, while my friends, Roberto and Amanda were in town from Paris. I first met Jenny and Enoch while in Cape Town, South Africa with Roberto and Amanda during the World Cup in June of 2010. Enoch was the manager at Arnold’s Cafe where we would camp out everyday for breakfast, and sometimes lunch, and sometimes dinner. And Jenny, who we met through our mutual friend, Rob, lived in an apartment just above Arnold’s. She opened up her home to us, tolerated our incessant tomfoolery and for some reason, still invites us over for dinner (and a lot of wine) after they moved to the States.

Here they are, with their beautiful daughter Tulah and their dog, Nyani.

The Shullys 05042014

#52weekproject: Week 8 – Koi Fish

Tattoo session 1 00 Taken March 23rd, 2014. I had been wanting to get a koi fish tattoo for a long time, and finally, last year, talking to my brother, I finally went out and did some research to find the right tattoo artist. I ended up finding Robin “Solokill” King at Metamorph Tattoo in Wicker Park. She had been booked out for months, so I was super excited to get in for my session for outlining and shading. I decided to do a timelapse, and grabbed some photos for Week 8 of this project. I’ll be back in June for my final session for full color, and I can’t wait.     Tattoo


#52weekproject: Week 6 – Snowboarding in Winter Park

#52weekproject: Week 6 - Snowboarding in Winter Park

A nice weekend snowboarding in Winter Park.

Taken on Saturday, March 15, 2014. We took a little side route into the trees so I could take this picture. Set my camera on a mini table tripod on my backpack in the snow, and hung my flash upside down from a tree branch.