#52weekproject: Week 13 – North & Halsted

Week 13: North & Halsted

North and Clyborn
Taken Wednesday, May 21st, 2014. I wandered around the city checking out a few parking structures that had open rooftops near the train tracks to get a shot of the city and maybe a moving train. The hunt was a little bit of a bust in terms of actual photographic captures, but I think I do have a some ideas for next time.

This shot in particular is from the Steppenwolf theater parking structure, which overlooks the brown/purple line near Halsted St and North Ave. It felt a little creepy taking a photo from there, because the trains slow down around the corner, and at that time of day, it feels like I’m a peeping tom (not that I would know), taking pictures of people through their train windows and invading their privacy (that’s a nice blouse you’re wearing, by the way).

Anyway, I dig that the lampposts kind of frame the photo, and you can see the a bit of the city between the buildings (the Hancock being the easily recognizable one). Could have tried a longer focal length from further back, but not sure I’d have the height to do that.

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