OCF: Off Camera “Flash”

Happy Belated Halloween!

I’m not sure if you are all big fans of Halloween like I am, but I love it, because it gives me the excuse to be creative and put together a funny costume.  Unfortunately, the photo I took above isn’t of me, but of my cousin, who also decided to join the superhero fun, and dress as… you guessed it, the Flash!  I’m pretty sure he copied my theme, as I dressed as another DC universe superhero, Robin.  (As seen below)

Lemme show you the costume, and I’ll be back in a Flash!

Holy Red Undies, Batman!

So, I definitely got a few cheers and laughs as I hopped from bar to bar looking for my friends.  Nothing like walking the streets of Chicago, in neon green tights!

I even got a few questions like: “Where’s Batman?!” and even one, “Nice costume, Robin Hood!” (Unfortunately, I had to correct him…)

I eventually ran into my other friends, as seen below, and had a great first Halloween in Chicago:

How about you? What did you dress up as Halloween?

I’m always curious about people’s costumes, and like to judge people based on their creativity! 😛  And, I could always use some ideas for next year!

But, anyway… Back to the main point…

So why am I calling this blogpost, “Off Camera Flash?”  Well, the intent of this was to showcase some more photos I had taken of my cousin in his homemade Flash costume which, I took, strobist style.  I used 3 speedlights (flashes, if you will), and set up 2 of them, either bare, or with blue gels (gels are the colored film you’d find on theater lights, and the like, to give them a specific color), and one in a softbox, as the fill/main. I varied some of the angles, but I think they turned out pretty good.  I learned a few things after evaluating the photos on my laptop, but I could do better varying the lighting ratios, but it gives me something to shoot for next time.  Maybe even trying for some edginess with only hard lights, or going low key, and playing with silhouettes, or even adding textures to the shadows in the background.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think!

– JLe

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