The Bormann Boys (and the Adults They Hold Hostage)

My buddy Keith asked me to take some photos of his family, which consists of Keith, his beautiful wife, Jessica, and his super cute twin boys, Dylan and Carter (19 months old).  Seeing as how these tiny little bundles of mischief joy can be quite the divas (is the male form divos?), it was decided that the morning would be the best time to take photos.  Sunday morning, at 9am to be exact.  Yes, I’m normally a night person, and on weekends, my mornings are where I refill my sleep reservoir with much needed dreams of butterflies, rainbows, and morning dew.  I mean, who needs to see these things in person, when one can just dream about them?  In any case, I was able to drag myself out of bed, after an excellent night out with some friends who were visiting from out of town.  (Sidenote: I am also recovering from a slight cold, and as it turns out, Gin and Tonics and shots of Patron are actually not home remedies for the specific cold that I have.  I still have faith that it does cure something.  Probably just boredom.  And social awkwardness.)

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Keith & Jess picked out the place, which was right off of Lake Nokomis.  The light was already starting to get a bit harsh as they had a bit of a late start, as did I, who figured it was within my best interest to get a shower and vitamin water from the gas station.  (Only the vitamin water was from the gas station, the shower was taken at home.)  But, with my Olympus E620 and 35-100mm f/2.0 in hand, I was able to capture what Keith and Jessica have to deal with every day :).

In any case, with that said, here are a few more of my faves…

This last photo reminds me of a different angle of the oh-so-famous bigfoot shot…  haha, j/k… but seriously, it does remind me of it.

Jessica put some of her faves up from the session on her blog as well:

That’s all for now…

One thought on “The Bormann Boys (and the Adults They Hold Hostage)

  1. I REALLY love that first photo you took and how you made it black and white! I never know when to make photos black and white instead of color, I need a lesson on that J Le! What a beautiful family!

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