Chad and Sean’s New Baby

Today, on Mothers’ Day, I woke up early, and went out to the Valley Fair parking lot and hung out there from 10am-4pm.  Valley Fair is an amusement park (owned by the same company that owns Cedar Point); I wasn’t just hanging out there to be a creep, but my buddies Chad and Sean were participating in an AutoCross event.    The group basically rents out parking lots, and set up a course where people can come and run time trials.  In any case, I came out to take some pics at the event (get busy learnin’, or get busy sleeping, as I always say).

The pics I took of my buddies driving, didn’t feel very inspired, so I asked my buddies if they’d let me take some pics of their car after the race.  I set up 3 flashes (fl-50, fl-50r, and some random old flash I found at my sister’s house), triggered remotely using my Canon G11.  I used that over my Olympus DSLRs because the G11 has a faster flash sync speed than a DSLR does (DSLRs usually top out around 1/250 s, while a G11 can get up to 1/2500 s, supposedly).  A faster sync speed will let me cut down the ambient light, and allow my flashes to independently light the car.  This was all theory, and actually this was the first time I had tried this.  I read it on the internets!  It has to work!

As it turns out, I could only sync to about 1/500 s, and with the aperture at f/2.8, shooting 3 flashes at full power was still a little under exposed, but they still turned out okay (I just had to place the flashes closer, and could not use any light modifiers to disperse the light).  Anyway, next time, I’ll be taking pictures when it’s not bright afternoon out.

Lessons Learned: For next time, I think I will either shoot at a different time of day (I’d like the sun to be a little lower, and it might provide some better back/rim lighting), or try using my dslr with a ND & Polarizing filter. The polarizing filter would reduce the reflection in the glass, and darken the sky, and the ND would reduce overall exposure, so I wouldn’t have had to use such a high shutter speed, and would be able to sync the flashes.

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