Sandy a la Mode – Assignment #2: Night Photography

Sandy’s second photography “assignment” was about night photos…

It’s a good thing I decided that I’d undertake her photography blogs as a reason to get out and shoot.  It’s nice to have a focus/purpose when going out to take photos; just try not to get that tunnel vision and overlook any other photo opportunities should they come up during that time.

In any case, I took the opportunity to grab my camera (Olympus E620) and a couple lenses (Olympus ZD 12-60mm f/2.8-4.5 and the Olympus ZD 8mm Fisheye), along with the tripod my pops gave me (when he upgraded to a nice carbon fiber one, and a steel one… he’s more of a photo gearhead than I am.)  The following photos are taken from areas within walking distance from my apartment.  The photos were taken near the Loring Park area, with shots taken from a pedestrian bridge, or from within the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden.














3 thoughts on “Sandy a la Mode – Assignment #2: Night Photography

  1. this is such beautiful work j.le! love the ones with the perfectly streaming headlights, good things the cars moved at a steady pace, eh?? how did you do that curly q effect in #5? so neat!!

    • I did a little “painting with light”… just a long exposure time, and a little flashlight i keep in my camera bag (a cell phone screen would work too). As long as it’s dark enough, or stopped down enough, it won’t pick up a ghost image of you making the light trails…

      p.s. It’s not a curly q, it’s my name!

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