I’m Still Alive

My posts have been lacking (non-existant, rather).  My goal for the new year is to post at least 1 photo a week.  Looks like I’m 2 posts behind.

Luckily for me, I’m Vietnamese.  I can just start mid-Feb.  Consider it Asian-time (I’m just beginning fashionably late), and/or because Vietnamese New Year (Tet) is February 14th this year (V-Day… short for Vietnamese-New-Year Day, obvi).

Anyway, the parental units will be making their first trip out to visit me this weekend.  I’ll be able to snap some pics then.  I’m sure pops will be toting his Nikon around, and well have a rousing discussion/debate on how his Nikon is better than my Olympus.  =)

Anyway, boring story short, I’ll get back to shooting and making sure I post more often.

Toods, dudes. <– That’s short for Toodles, btdubs.  Sounds less girly when you shorten it.  And I ain’t no girl.  Know what I mean?

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